Lesson 1.3 Crossword


3.the simultaneous action of two or more types of forces
6.the rotary effect of a force
7.force distributed over a given area
10.a force that acts along a surface and perpendicular to the length of a structure
11.a response that occurs when force is removed and the structure returns to its original size and shape
12.a loading pattern created by a combination of off-center forces
13.a pulling force that creates tension in the structure to which it is applied
14.the analysis of the actions of forces


1.force distribution inside a structure
2.a squeezing force that creates compression in the structure to which it is applied
4.the single force resulting from the summation of all forces acting on a structure at a given time
5.a loading pattern that can cause a structure to twist about its length
8.force equal to the gravitational acceleration exerted on the mass of an object
9.the quantity of matter contained in an object

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