Lesson 1.2 Crossword


1.the processes that maintain homeostasis
4.mechanism that reverses a condition that has exceeded the normal homeostatic range to restore homeostasis
5.body part organized to perform a specific function
7.system that receives and analyzes information from sensory receptors, then sends a command stimulus to an effector to maintain homeostasis
9.unit that receives a command stimulus from the control center and causes an action to help maintain homeostasis
12.chemical combinations of two or more atoms
13.a state of regulated physiological balance
14.a state in which there is a diminished ability for the organ systems to keep the body's internal environment within normal ranges


2.the speed at which the body consumes energy
3.all chemical reactions that occur within an organism to maintain life
6.transmitter that senses environmental changes
8.the smallest living building blocks of all organisms
10.tiny particles of matter
11.organized groups of similar cells

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