Lesson 21.1 – Childbirth and the First Days | Crossword


3.pain medication used during childbirth
6.an outline of a mother's preferences for the birth process
9.the widening and thinning of the cervix
10.a nonmedical facility where a mother can give birth in a homelike environment
11.automatic muscle movement in response to stimulus
12.a hormone that triggers strong uterine contractions to push the baby through the cervix and vagina
13.delivery of an infant through an incision made in the mother's abdomen and uterus


1.a licensed medical professional who educates women before birth, coaches them through labor and delivery, and aids in routine, uncomplicated births
2.a private space, often within a hospital, where a mother can give birth surrounded by the familiar comforts of home
4.the muscle contractions and changes in a woman's body as she gives birth
5.the measure of a newborn's health and condition through five basic tests
7.the legal placement of a child with someone other than his or her biological parents
8.a temporary, white protective coating that may cover a newborn at birth

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