Lesson 20.3 – Pregnancy | Crossword


3.a membrane that develops around the implanted embryo
5.the merged chorion and endometrial tissue that surrounds, protects, and nurtures a developing fetus
7.types of embryonic tissues that will eventually constitute the three main types of tissues in the body
8.a membrane that forms a fluid-filled sac, which cushions and protects a developing fetus
9.the process by which embryonic cells develop into cells with specific structures and functions
10.the process by which an embryo burrows into the endometrial lining of the uterus
11.the period of time between fertilization of an ovum and the birth of a baby


1.the process by which organs belonging to the developing fetus take their familiar locations in the body
2.a structure that connects the developing fetus to the placenta to provide the fetus with nutrients required for growth
3.the process through which a single-celled zygote divides into many cells
4.a ball of cells formed by the cleaving zygote as it travels into the uterus
6.a ball of cells formed by the cleaving zygote, and which implants in the uterus

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