Lesson 12.2: Transmission, Treatment, and Prevention of Infectious Diseases | Crossword


3.the process of heating and then quickly cooling liquids to kill pathogens
4.the practice of covering your mouth and nose with a tissue while coughing or sneezing, or sneezing into your sleeve
8.a widespread epidemic that affects an enormous number of people and spreads between countries and across the world
9.a pathogen’s ability to fight back against an antibiotic; develops over time and as a result of contact with certain antibiotics


1.an animal that transmits a disease from one living thing to another
2.a disease that naturally occurs in low numbers in a certain area
5.an outbreak of a disease that occurs in unexpectedly large numbers over a geographic area
6.an infection transferred from an animal to a human
7.a dead or nontoxic part of a pathogen that is injected into a person to train his or her immune system to eliminate the live pathogen

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