Lesson 12.1: Infectious Diseases: What You Should Know | Crossword


4.a disease caused by microorganisms or pathogens that can be transmitted from one person, animal, or object to another
6.the time between a pathogen’s entrance into the body and the first symptoms of disease
7.a disease that takes advantage of a body’s weakened immune system
8.the stage during which signs and symptoms of a disease fade and a person is no longer contagious
10.single-celled organisms that grow and reproduce in and outside of the body, and can be helpful or harmful to body function
11.a fungal infection that usually attacks damaged tissues or weakened people


1.the stage in which the signs and symptoms of a disease arise and are most prominent
2.single-celled organisms that are larger and more complex than bacteria, and which may cause disease
3.an organism that must live inside or on another living organism to draw upon that organism’s strength and energy for survival
5.a scientific theory, which states that specific microorganisms cause specific diseases
9.a pathogen that infects cells and uses their energy because it cannot reproduce or grow on its own

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