Lesson 9.1: The Health Effects of Tobacco | Crossword


2.a condition characterized by white, leathery spots inside the mouth; may develop into oral cancer
4.a condition in which the bronchial tubes swell and become irritated
6.tobacco smoke in the environment that may affect a person even if he or she does not smoke
8.a tobacco-related product that does not require burning; includes chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes
10.a poisonous gas found in cigarette smoke; negatively affects cells’ ability to carry oxygen


1.substances that cause cancer
3.a disease that permanently enlarges lung airways and destroys lung tissue, making it difficult for a person to breathe
5.an addictive, toxic substance present in tobacco products
7.a chronic disease characterized by episodes of blocked airflow to the lungs
9.a thick, sticky substance produced by burning tobacco; can disrupt the respiratory systems of smokers

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