Lesson 8.3: Keeping Your Mouth, Eyes, and Ears Healthy | Crossword


5.the part of the middle ear that vibrates in response to sound
6.an inflammation of the gums
8.the black opening in the middle of the iris through which light passes
10.the colored part of the eye that constricts and dilates the pupil
11.a spiral tube in the inner ear that senses sound vibrations and transmits them to the auditory nerve
12.the area of your mouth that includes the lips, teeth, and tongue
13.the tissue by which nerve impulses travel from the retina to the brain
14.the units by which sound intensity, or loudness, is measured


1.the clear tissue covering the front of the eye
2.an infection in which bacteria gets beneath the gums and destroys gum and bone
3.the condition of having bad-smelling breath
4.the innermost, light-sensitive area of the eye, composed of photoreceptors that convert light into nerve impulses and electrical signals
7.a substance produced in the mouth, which contains enzymes that break down food
9.a sticky, colorless substance formed by bacteria in the mouth; coats the teeth and slowly dissolves enamel
11.holes in the teeth caused by plaque eating away at tooth enamel
15.a clear part of the eye that focuses light on the retina

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