Lesson 6.2: The Components of Physical Fitness | Crossword


1.occurring in the absence of oxygen
5.different types of fitness, such as strength and flexibility
6.standard which states that FITT factors should be increased over time to improve fitness
7.standard which states that gradual increase of a physical demand on the body will improve fitness
8.standard which states that exercising a particular component leads to improvements in the fitness of only that component
9.a measure of flexibility that tells how far a joint or body part can be moved
10.the ability to quickly change the body’s momentum and direction
11.the heart rate to aim for while performing aerobic exercise that leads to optimal cardiorespiratory fitness; varies by age


2.training in different activities to improve performance in a sport and reduce the risk of injury
3.a quality that is measured by how much energy the body uses per minute during physical activity
4.the ability to bend without injury or breakage

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