Lesson 3.3: Food Labels and Food Safety | Crossword


1.a disease that is transmitted by food; food poisoning
2.an illness caused by toxins that an organism has produced in a food; toxins may also be produced by chemicals, heavy metals, or other substances
4.a protein found in wheat, rye, oats, and barley
5.an illness caused by a bacteria, virus, or parasite that has contaminated a food
6.a condition in which a person cannot properly digest a certain type of food
7.an immune response in which the body reacts to a certain type of food as though the food were a harmful substance; may manifest itself in rashes, swelling, difficulty breathing, indigestion, or dizziness
8.the recommended amounts of nutrients that a person should consume each day


1.substances added to food products to cause desired changes
3.a type of food that is produced without pesticides, bioengineering, or high-energy radiation

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