Lesson 3.1: What Nutrients Does Your Body Need? | Crossword


1.a type of vitamin that dissolves in water and passes into the bloodstream
3.a nutrient and major source of energy for the body
7.a stored version of glucose located in the muscles and liver; supplies energy between meals
8.a type of fat found primarily in animal-based foods that is solid at room temperature
10.a small chemical unit that makes up proteins
11.a chemical substance that gives your body what it needs to grow and function properly
12.a complex carbohydrate that the body is unable to digest
13.a dangerous condition in which bones are fragile and may break easily; can be caused by a lack of calcium during childhood and adolescence
14.a nutrient the body uses to build and maintain all types of cells; can provide energy in the absence of fat and carbohydrates
15.inorganic elements found in soil and water; ingested by the body after being absorbed into plants


2.a type of fat that is created by hydrogenation; poses health risks acknowledged by the FDA
3.a type of fat made by the body that is also present in some foods
4.a condition in which the body’s tissues lose too much water
5.a chemical substance in your body that influences many basic processes
6.organic substances derived from plants or animals, which are necessary for normal growth and development
7.a type of carbohydrate and the preferred source of energy for the brain and central nervous system
9.a condition causing weakness, tiredness, and headaches; results from decrease in red blood cells or insufficient hemoglobin

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