Lesson 1.4: Our Healthcare System | Crossword


1.summary of a patient's rights regarding fair treatment and appropriate information
3.law passed in 2010 to expand access to insurance, address cost reduction and affordability, improve the quality of healthcare, and introduce the Patient's Bill of Rights
5.a medication that can be made by many different companies; costs less than brand-name medicines but may be just as effective
6.a regular doctor who provides checkups, screenings, treatments, and prescriptions
7.a hospital where patients reside overnight while receiving diagnosis, treatment, surgery, therapy, and rehabilitation
8.a healthcare establishment where patients receive diagnosis or treatment, but do not reside overnight


1.a regular fee paid in exchange for insurance services
2.medical providers who are extensively trained in one or two areas of health; a physician may refer you to a specialist to seek specific treatments
4.the amount you pay for healthcare services each year before your insurance company begins to take on the cost

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