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The following information will assist in the usage of G-W Learning companion websites. Activities and file types may vary by site. If the support you are looking for is not provided below, please submit a question via our online support forum.

Vocabulary and Assessment Activities
  E-Flash Cards
The e-flash card activity offers a complete list of chapter vocabulary terms. This activity is designed to assist in both term-to-definition and definition-to-term associations.


tap to flip —Tap the e-flash card to flip between the term and definition.

previous next —Navigate to the next e-flash card by selecting the Previous or Next buttons.

remove —Remove a card you no longer wish to study.

options —Options

         View By—displays cards by term or definition.

         Term Audio—Enables/disables term audio if available.

         Shuffle—Randomly shuffles the order of the cards.

         Reset Card Stack—Replace removed cards and start over using all terms in their original order.

         Apply—Applies selected options to current e-flash card session.

  Crossword Puzzle
The Crossword Puzzle activity offers a selection of chapter vocabulary terms in both an interactive and printable format. The activity is designed to assist in definition to term association.


Entering a Term – Select a defined number box and start typing an answer. The selection box will automatically advance as the term is typed. Select an intersecting box a second time to change directions.

Deleting a Value – Select a box with a value and use the keyboard backspace or delete key to clear the value.

Clear – Resets the puzzle back to the original starting state.

Check – Checks all boxes for accuracy and puts an X through boxes with incorrect letters.

Reveal Letter – Displays the letter in the highlighted box.

Reveal – Displays the complete highlighted term.

Solution – Reveals the complete solution for the puzzle.

The matching activity offers a selection of chapter vocabulary terms in an interactive format, which is designed to help in term-to-definition association.

Drag a term from the left column to the corresponding gray definition field in the right column. If an incorrect definition is selected, the term will reset back to its original position.
  Vocabulary Game
The Vocabulary Game activity offers a selection of chapter terms designed to assist in definition to term association.

Select an available point value box from the game grid. After reading the hint, select an appropriate answer from the list below the hint. Feedback will be provided depending on your selection.
  Interactive Quiz
Test activities offer a selection of assessment questions in an interactive format. The tests are based on key concepts from the chapter and provide an opportunity for self-assessment.

Select the answer that best reflects the current question.

arrow —Select the Next arrow to advance to the next question.

retry —Upon completion of the test, select the Retry icon to try the test again.

Mobile Access
  G-W Learning Mobile Companion Website
Throughout selected textbooks, G-W Learning has provided mobile companion websites to help supplement the learning experience. For more information about G-W Learning mobile sites as well as recommended QR Code readers, please continue to the Mobile Site tab.

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