Chapter 33: A Career for You in Early Childhood Education | Crossword


1.Global aspects of work that are important to a person’s satisfaction.
4.Jobs advertised informally through word of mouth.
7.A collection of materials that tell a story about your efforts, progress, and achievements.
10.The keeping private of sensitive personal information involving other people.
11.A set of responsibilities that accompanies a position you hold in life.
12.Your outlook on life; the way in which you think about or act toward others.
13.A brief summary of a person's qualifications, skills, and experience. Its purpose is to secure an interview and/or inform a potential employer of a person's qualifications and experience.
14.A service that finds positions for graduates.


2.On time.
3.A letter of introduction that is usually included when sending a résumé.
6.A process of building relationships with people who can help you.
9.Beliefs, feelings, and ideas about what is important.

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