Chapter 32: Engaging Parents and Families | Crossword


3.File containing helpful information on problems parents may face.
6.A backpack in which children take home their favorite books, music cassettes, puzzles, or games to share with their parents.
10.A written communication tool used by centers to inform parents about program or center news. Contains bits of news that families can discuss with their children.
11.Feeling of not belonging.
12.Patterns of participation in educational programs by family members, including mothers, fathers, grandparents, and siblings.


2.A child's backpack filled with games, puppets, storybooks, songs, and charts and including a letter of introduction for the parents.
4.Telephone calls made by teachers to parents to communicate praise and support for children.
5.Written communications shared on a regular basis that most often include information concerning a variety of subjects.
7.Very proud.
8.Experiences that allow the teacher to enter the child's world by spending time together in the family's home.

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