Chapter 23: Guiding Math Experiences | Crossword


1.The position of people and objects in space relative to each other.
4.Attaching a number to a series of grouped objects.
5.The understanding that one group has the same number as another.
7.The understanding of how numbers work.
8.A form of classification that involves putting like objects together.
9.The outline of an object.
10.The ability to relate past and present experiences and classify items; made possible by using the senses to learn from repeated experiences.
11.Geometric pieces that vary in color and shape that are used to teach shape concepts.


1.The process of physically separating objects based on unique features.
2.The process of ordering real-life objects from shortest to tallest or tallest to shortest.
3.The concept that the last number of the counting sequence tells how many objects exist in a set.
6.The symbols that represent numbers.
9.Two or more objects that are alike in some way and, therefore, belong together.

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