Chapter 19: Guiding Art, Blockbuilding, and Sensory Experiences | Crossword


5.Focuses on a model and step-by-step instructions by the teacher.
7.Focuses on the child’s interests and development.
8.A painting activity in which pieces of heavy yarn or string are dipped in paint and slid across paper.
9.Art activity using liquid tempera paints mixed with sand, sawdust, or coffee grounds.
10.Art activity in which chalk is dipped into water and used to draw on construction paper.
11.A selection of materials mounted on a flat surface.
12.Art activity in which children spread glue on a piece of paper, and then shake spices onto the paper.


1.Art activity in which a piece of paper is placed over a finger painting. The two papers are patted together, then pulled apart.
2.Able to dissolve in water.
3.A process of placing two blocks vertically a space apart and then adding a third block.
4.Art activity using salt mixed with colored tempera in shakers.
6.Related to sight and touch.

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