Chapter 18: The Curriculum | Crossword


1.Outcome of an activity that is used to plan teaching strategies.
5.A planning tool or map that outlines major concepts and ideas related to a theme.
7.The process of integrating multiculturalism into all curricular areas.
9.Slower to make decisions.
10.A written overall view of the curriculum that outlines the general plans.
11.Connect the children’s interests, experience, and developmental level.
13.The minimum standard of achievement and how well one might want the child to do.
14.Children who like to work with others.
15.A written plan outlining specific actions and activities that will be used to meet goals.
16.The way an activity ends.


2.Quick to make decisions.
3.A child who depends a great deal on the sense of sight.
4.A generalized idea or notion.
6.Any visible activities done by the child.
8.In a lesson plan, method of gaining the children’s attention.
12.One main topic or idea around which the classroom experiences and projects are planned.

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