Chapter 13: Guiding Children’s Health | Crossword


1.Immediate treatment given for injuries and illness, including those that are life-threatening.
4.A chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that causes airways to narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus, triggering symptoms such as labored breathing, gasping, coughing, and wheezing.
7.A reaction, or seizure, caused by epilepsy. During a grand mal seizure, a person will lose consciousness, jerk, thrash, or become stiff.
10.An illness caused by eating food that contains harmful bacteria, toxins, parasites, or viruses.
11.A disease caused by a viral infection of the nervous system and brain, transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal.
13.An imbalance in blood sugar levels that occurs in a person with diabetes when the amount of insulin is not properly adjusted.
14.Federal laws passed to protect staff and others from accidental exposure to bloodborne pathogens, such as HIV or Hepatitis B.
15.The process of eliminating germs from surfaces.
16.Processes practiced to prevent accidental exposure to any microorganism that can cause infection.


2.Process of removing dirt or soil and a small amount of bacteria.
3.Damage to the surface of the skin or body tissue.
5.A scrape that damages a portion of the skin.
6.An injury caused by heat, radiation, electrical current, or chemical agents.
8.A condition in which a person has periodic seizures.
9.A course of action that controls future decisions.
12.Small insects that live on people’s hair and scalp.

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