Chapter 12: Planning Nutritious Meals and Snacks | Crossword


5.The intake of more food than is needed by the body to function properly, often causing health and emotional problems.
6.The body’s negative reaction to a particular substance, possibly including rashes, swelling, or sneezing.
7.Extreme allergic reaction that causes shock symptoms and possibly death.
8.A condition in which the body cannot properly control the level of sugar in the blood.
9.The chemical substances in food that help build and maintain the body.
10.Not eating enough food to keep a healthful body weight and activity level.
11.The offending substance that causes an allergic reaction.
12.The hormone that regulates blood sugar level.


1.Eating pattern that regularly includes foods from each of the five main food groups.
2.A lack of proper nutrients in the diet that happens when a nutrient is absent or lacking from the diet; caused by an unbalanced diet, poor food choices, or the body’s inability to use certain nutrients properly.
3.The fear of something new.
4.The USDA-developed food guidance system with a set of online tools to help people plan nutritious diets to fit their individual needs.

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