Chapter 11: Promoting Children’s Safety | Crossword


1.Guides to actions and behaviors that reflect the goals of a program. Sometimes called rules.
4.Abuse of a child’s self-concept through words or actions.
7.A formal document drawn up by elected officials.
8.A law designed to protect children, which states that a child’s records cannot be given to anyone other than parents without the parents’ permission.
9.Substance that induces vomiting when swallowed.
10.People required by law to report any known or suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.


2.Sexual contact made by someone outside the family with a child.
3.Forcing a child to observe or engage in sexual activities with an adult. Rape, incest, pornography, fondling, and indecent exposure are all forms of this.
5.Sexual abuse by a relative.
6.Form of child abuse in which children are not given the basic needs of life, such as proper diet, medical care, shelter, and/or clothing.

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