Chapter 9: Preparing the Environment | Crossword


4.A smooth wall board that serves as a bulletin board, chalkboard, and movie screen.
5.Material used to deaden or absorb sounds. Carpets, drapes, bulletin boards, pillows, stuffed toys, and sand are examples.)
7.Colors that make a room seem smaller, including red, yellow, and orange.
8.Playground equipment that is permanently installed for stability, such as jungle gyms, slides, and tree houses.
9.Table in the sensory area that gives children the opportunity to experience the sensations related to water and sand. It also allows them practice in social situations. Also known as a water table or sand table.
10.The way people move through the classroom area, affecting its arrangement.


1.Colors, such as blue and green, that make a room appear larger and create a feeling of openness.
2.A special room or space in a center for children who become ill or show signs of a communicable disease.
3.Room in a child care center provided for staff to spend work-related time away from the classroom.
6.Top sections of lockers used to store finished artwork, library books, parent letters, and other valuable items.

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