Chapter 8: Middle Childhood | Crossword


2.The ability to group objects by common attributes, such as size, color, shape, pattern, or function.
4.Being aware of others’ distress and wanting to help them.
7.The belief that you are worthwhile as a person.
9.The process of acquiring the standards of behavior considered acceptable by a society.
11.A process in which people define themselves in terms of the qualities, skills, and attributes they see in others.
12.Able to see close objects more clearly than those at a distance.
13.A major health problem caused by overeating. A condition in which the body weight is 20 percent or more above the normal weight the child’s age, physical build, and gender.
14.The coordination of the eye and hand.


1.The lower and upper front teeth.
3.The manipulation of ideas based on logic rather than perception.
4.The concept that change in position or shape of substances does not change the quantity.
5.The ability to arrange items in an increasing or decreasing order based on weight, volume, or size.
6.Aggression that is directed to another child.
8.Able to see objects in the distance more clearly than those that are close.
10.Understanding and using accepted rules of conduct when interacting with others.

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