Chapter 2: Types of Early Childhood Programs | Crossword


1.Full-day child care facilities that focus on basic nutritional, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs for children from birth to five years of age. May be operated by for-profit owners or corporation non-profit agencies.
5.Learning from impressions received from the five senses.
7.Schools located on a postsecondary or college campus with a primary purpose of training future teachers and serving as a study group for research.
8.Privately owned businesses in local communities that rely on parent fees to operate.
9.Children who lack a regular, fixed, or nighttime residence.
10.A state-provided certificate granting permission to operate an early childhood center or a family child care home.
11.Operated for charitable purposes, often sponsored by an agency.


2.Type of child care that focuses primarily on meeting the child’s physical needs.
3.Care provided to children in their own home.
4.A comprehensive child development program developed by the federal government to strengthen the academic skills; provides a variety of medical and social services to promote healthy development for children in low- income families, and designed mainly for four- and five-year- olds.
6.Having a certification that states a set of standards has been met.

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