Chapter 1: You: Working with Young Children | Crossword


1.Child care that is provided in the caregivers own home. Depending upon the state, the home may be licensed or exempt from licensing.
5.The period of life from birth to nine years of age.
7.The presence of multiple different cultures or ethnicities.
8.An ongoing process through which people update their knowledge and skills related to their professional life.
10.A child care worker who usually provides care in the child’s home and may receive food and housing in addition to wages.
11.A person employed by a state to protect and promote the health, safety, and welfare of children attending centers; sometimes referred to as regulators.


2.Children from birth to eight years of age.
3.A person who creates and runs his or her own business.
4.A guiding set of moral principles, either those held personally or those determined by a professional organization for its members.
6.Responsible for aspects of class functioning. These include planning curriculum, maintaining a safe and stimulating environment, and teaching children.
9.A person from a foreign country who lives with a family and provides child care in exchange for room, board, and transportation.

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