Chapter 22: Choosing a Place to Live | Crossword


6.A contract between a tenant and a property owner, listing the rights and responsibilities of both parties.
8.A house built by a developer who builds an entire neighborhood at once.
9.A house made in a factory, moved to a site, and assembled if not already self-contained.
10.A sum of money, usually one month’s rent, paid by a tenant before moving into a property to cover possible damages.
11.Any dwelling that provides shelter.
12.A single-family house that stands alone.
13.A building designed to house more than one family.


1.An multiunit building owned and operated for the benefit of the residents; also called co-op.
2.A monthly fee paid to the owner of a property in return for living accommodations.
3.A single-family house that shares a common wall with houses on one or more side; also called a townhouse or rowhouse.
4.A house specifically designed and built for the new owner.
5.A loan used to pay for a home.
7.A legal procedure that forces a tenant to leave a property before the rental agreement expires if he or she fails to uphold the terms of the lease.

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