Chapter 21: Apparel Construction | Crossword


1.Two parallel lines that extend across a pattern piece, indicating where to shorten or lengthen the pattern piece.
3.Making straight cuts in a seam allowance toward the stitching line, usually at ½-inch intervals, to prevent puckering.
4.Stitching in the direction of the grain.
7.A garment pattern designed with three or more sizes on one pattern tissue.
9.The two basic directions that yarns run in a woven fabric.
10.One of two finished lengthwise edges on a piece of fabric.
12.A row of stitching that joins garment pieces together.
13.A bold line on pattern pieces used as a guide for cutting fabric.
14.A construction element used to give shape and fullness to a garment made by stitching to a point through a fold in the fabric.
15.Creating ripples and soft folds in a fabric that is attached to a shorter length of fabric.
16.Sewing backward and forward in the same place for a few stitches to secure thread ends.


1.A change made to the size of a pattern or garment to achieve better fit.
2.Cutting small wedges out of the seam allowance to remove excess fabric.
3.A drawing showing how to fold fabric and place pattern pieces for cutting.
5.To change a garment to give it a different look.
6.A short stem of thread that provides room for a button to lie over the buttonhole fabric.
8.Cutting away part of a seam allowance to reduce bulk.
11.Making a piece of fabric fit a slightly smaller piece of fabric as a flat, curved seam is sewn to provide fabric fullness at certain points on the body.
14.A pattern symbol used to match seams and other construction details.

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