Chapter 20: Textiles, Patterns, and Equipment | Crossword


1.Fibers that are produced through chemical and technical means from natural cellulose or crude oil products.
7.Serger sewing machine parts that form upper and lower stitches.
8.The process of interlacing two sets of yarns to produce a fabric.
9.A textile product usually made by weaving or knitting yarns together.
10.An extremely thin filament of a manufactured fiber.
11.Small items needed to construct a garment, including thread, buttons, trims, fasteners, seam binding, and bias tape.
13.Two separate controls found on a sewing machine that balance tension or pull between the upper and lower threads to form the proper stitch.
14.A sewing machine part that holds fabric in place as the machine stitches.


2.Fibers that exist in nature.
3.A high-speed sewing machine that can stitch, trim, and finish seams in one simple step.
4.A small metal or plastic spool that feeds the lower thread on a sewing machine, which is needed in making a lockstitch.
5.A process of looping yarns together to form a fabric.
6.A stitch made by a sewing machine with thread coming from both the upper and lower parts of the machine and locking securely in the middle of the fabric layers being sewn.
9.Two small rows of teeth that move the fabric forward under the presser foot.
12.A continuous strand formed from combined fibers.

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