Chapter 19: Choosing and Caring for Your Clothes | Crossword


1.A style that is popular for a short time and then disappears.
8.A distinctive outfit that identifies a person who wears it with a specific group.
11.Specific construction details that make one garment differ from another garment of the same type.
12.An item that accents clothing and gives an outfit a finished look.
13.The center of interest in a design.
14.A tool that shows how colors relate to one another.
15.A tag attached to a garment to provide information, such as trademarks, guarantees, style number, size, and price.
17.A color produced from equal amounts of one primary color and one secondary color.
20.A design element that affects the way a design looks and feels.
22.A process of moving an iron across fabric to smooth wrinkles.
23.The lightness or darkness of a color.
24.A cloth tag permanently attached to a garment to provide important information usually required by law, such as fiber content, manufacturer, country of origin, and care instructions.
25.A pleasing effect achieved when the elements of design work together.


2.A standard of dress that is enforced in a social setting.
3.A design element that gives direction to a design.
4.The brightness or dullness of a color.
5.The spatial relationship of the parts of a design to each other and to the whole design.
6.The process of cleaning clothes using an organic chemical solvent instead of water.
7.The name given to a color.
9.The manner of dress being worn by the majority of people at a given time.
10.Equal visual weight on both sides of a central point.
16.Black, white, and gray, which are not true colors but are used as colors in design.
18.A principle of design that creates a feeling of movement in a design.
19.A person’s rank within a group.
21.A legal document describing how a person intends for property to be distributed after his or her death.

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