Chapter 15: Food Safety | Crossword


1.An amount that is equal to another amount, such as one-fourth cup equaling four tablespoons.
3.A sickness caused by eating contaminated food.
7.The spread of bacteria from a contaminated food to other food, equipment, or surfaces.
8.Equipment, including saucepans and skillets, used for cooking on top of a cooktop.
9.A handheld kitchen tool used for measuring, cutting, mixing, cooking, or baking tasks.
10.A cooking aid that can be easily moved from one place to another.
11.A method of cooking that involves circulating hot air over all food surfaces, allowing food to cook quickly and evenly.


2.The process of maintaining a clean and healthful environment.
4.Equipment used for baking foods in an oven.
5.A list of ingredients with a complete set of instructions for preparing a food product.
6.A detailed list of all the duties that must be completed during a lab experience.

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