Chapter 14: Selecting Foods | Crossword


8.A date stamped on food products such as canned goods that tells when the food was processed.
9.Fresh fruits and vegetables.
10.Using resources of skills, money, and time to put together nutritious meals.
11.A starchy grain used as food, such as wheat, corn, rice, and oats.
12.Fish that have shells instead of backbones.
13.A consumer aid that shows the cost per standard unit of weight or measure for a product.
14.Subjected to a process by which milk fat is broken up into tiny particles that remain suspended throughout milk.
15.Fish that have fins and backbones.
16.Cheese made by blending and melting two or more natural cheeses.


1.Cheese made from milk, whey, or cream.
2.Seeds that grow in the pods of some vegetable plants.
3.Storing the freshest food at the back of the shelf in order that the oldest foods, stored at the front of the shelf, will be used first.
4.Any domesticated bird used for meat and/or eggs.
5.A dating process that gives information about the freshness of foods.
6.A plant-based protein product made to resemble various kinds of meat.
7.A substance added to a food for a specific purpose.
8.A date stamped on food products such as dairy products and cold cuts that shows the last day a store should sell the product.
9.Grain products such as spaghetti, macaroni, and noodles.

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