Chapter 11: Caring for Children | Crossword


1.Rewarding positive behavior as a way to encourage children to repeat the behavior.
6.Injections or drops given to a person to provide protection against a certain disease.
8.Focusing the child’s attention on something else by providing an appealing substitute.
9.Emergency care or treatment given to people right after an accident, which relieves pain and prevents further injury.
10.Everything caregivers do and say to promote socially acceptable behavior in children.
11.Results that follow an action or behavior.
12.Play that helps children develop their large-muscle skills. They use their large muscles for movements like walking, running, hopping, jumping, and skipping.
13.A clothing design detail that makes clothes easier for children to put on and take off.


1.Asking questions to prompt children to exhibit desired behavior.
2.Giving children guidelines, or rules, of what they may and may not do.
3.Enforcing rules the same way each time.
4.Moving a child away from others for a short period of time when a child's disruptive behavior cannot be ignored. The child calms down and gains self-control.
5.A form of play involving role-playing. A child imitates another person or acts out a situation, but does so alone.
7.The act of adults exhibiting behaviors in front of children, which the children then copy.

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