Chapter 10: Development Across the Lifespan | Crossword


1.A substance in the body that triggers cellular activity, such as growth and the development of adult characteristics.
3.The abilities required to control large muscles such as the trunk, arms, and legs.
7.The concept that objects and people exist even when they cannot be seen.
10.The quality of understanding how others feel even when personal feelings may differ.
11.Learned behaviors, beliefs, and languages that are passed from generation to generation.
13.A child who is one or two years old.
14.A theory based on the belief that behavior is the response to stimuli from the environment.
15.A baby up to 12 months old.
16.The sum of all traits passed on through genes from parents to children.


1.A way of caring for people who are living with a serious illness that cannot be cured.
2.A baby in the first month of life.
3.Periods of rapid growth.
4.The change that occurs between childhood and adulthood, during which physical, personal, and behavioral characteristics become more adult.
5.Clearly defined stages in the acceptance of death.
6.The period of life from when puberty begins until growth ceases and adulthood is reached.
8.All the conditions and situations that surround and affect an individual.
9.A group of people who share common racial and/or cultural characteristics, such as national origin, language, religion, and traditions.
12.To feel intense sorrow, usually after the death of a loved one.

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