Chapter 7: Strengthening Families | Crossword


3.The physical injury of one person by another through such behaviors as hitting, kicking, biting, or throwing objects.
6.Two or more roles, such as work and family roles, being filled by one person.
7.A form of abuse that happens when one person purposely hurts another's self-concept through constant yelling, teasing, or insulting.
11.The use of illegal drugs or the misuse of legal drugs such as alcohol.
12.A disease in which a person develops a physical and psychological addiction to alcohol.
13.A list of items or tasks that have been ranked in order of importance.
14.A family in which both spouses are employed.
15.An event that greatly influences people's lives and causes them to make difficult changes in their lifestyles.


1.The use of a drug for a purpose other than it was intended.
2.A form of abuse in which one person forces another to engage in sexual activities.
4.A network of people and organizations family members can turn to during a crisis.
5.Two people divide the work responsibilities of one job, each working on a part-time basis.
7.Someone who unknowingly acts in ways that contribute to an alcoholic's or addict's drug use.
8.A dependence of the body on a continuing supply of a substance, such as a drug.
9.A person who suffers from the disease of alcoholism.
10.Employees set their own work schedules within certain company terms.

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