Chapter 4: Learning to Manage | Crossword


10.The amount of money left after all deductions have been taken from an employee's gross pay.
11.Wisely using means to achieve goals.
12.A set amount of money paid to an employee for a certain period of time.
13.A conscious or unconscious response to a problem or issue.
14.A cost that occurs repeatedly, but which varies in amount from one time to the next.
15.A goal that takes several months or years to achieve.


1.A goal that takes a short time to reach, such as an hour, a day, or a week.
2.To carry out.
3.The total amount of money an employee earns before deductions.
4.A set amount of money paid to an employee for each hour of work.
5.Combining tasks or working on more than one task at a time.
6.A set amount of money that a person is committed to pay, such as a monthly car payment.
7.A plan to help manage money wisely.
8.Time, object, service, or ability used to achieve goals.
9.The act of imitating the behavior of other people around you.

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