Chapter 3: Working in a Team | Crossword


2.A style of leadership that stresses the needs and wishes of individuals and in which members are encouraged to participate in decision making by voting.
4.Guidelines followed by many organizations to help them conduct meetings in an orderly fashion.
6.A style of leadership in which the leader has full control of the group and makes all the decisions for the group.
9.A force that gives people a reason to take action.
10.A group of people organized around a common goal.
11.A style of leadership in which members may do whatever they want to do and leaders are on hand only to serve as resources.
12.A group method of solving problems in which members offer any and all ideas.


1.Condition of a group whose members represent many different cultures.
3.A set of major laws used to govern an organization.
5.A person who supports a group by helping put goals into action.
7.Knowledge of what to do or say to avoid offending others.
8.A set of specific rules that expand upon an organization’s constitution by giving more information.

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