Chapter 2: Skills for Career Success | Crossword


1.A technique used in negotiating conflicts in which all parties agree to give up something of importance to reach a mutual agreement.
2.An attempt to resolve conflicts by blaming others. The person blamed for the problem is the scapegoat.
6.A means of communication in which a person's behavior contradicts his or her words or actions.
8.A clue that lets the speaker know the message is getting through to the listener and how it is being received. The feedback can be a nod, smile, question, or comment.
10.A pattern of socially expected behavior in which people learn to behave the way they think society expects them to behave.
11.The area surrounding an individual.
12.Differing from one another.
13.Communicating with others in order to reach a mutually satisfying agreement, usually through compromise.
14.Focusing on the speaker's message and then providing feedback.


1.The process of conveying information so messages are received and understood.
2.A set belief that all members of a group are the same.
3.Preconceived ideas or judgments of people or objects that are based on a lack of understanding.
4.An arrangement where an employee works from an office set up at home. The employee is connected to the office through technology.
5.A standard of conduct for successful job performance.
7.Rules to follow for proper social conduct.
9.A struggle between two people or groups who have opposing views.
10.A relationship built on respect and sincerity.

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