Chapter 1: Exploring Careers | Crossword


4.An organized collection of your best and most creative work.
7.People who know a person well and can vouch for his or her good work.
8.The ability to adjust to setbacks and make changes that allow a person to survive and thrive.
9.The total behavioral qualities and traits that make up an individual.
10.Other people in a person's age group.
11.The capacity to develop, succeed, and make further advances in life.
12.A person’s view of himself or herself.


1.The beliefs, feelings, and experiences a person considers to be important and desirable.
2.The sense of worth a person attaches to himself or herself.
3.Quality of sticking to an action or belief even when difficult.
5.Paid employment involving a job.
6.Items people desire, but do not need to survive.
8.A brief account of a person's education, work experience, and other qualifications for employment.

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