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Textbook Contents

Part One: Exploring the World of Work
Chapter 1: The Importance of Work
Chapter 2: The Changing Workplace
Chapter 3: The Law in the Workplace

Part Two: Exploring Career Options
Chapter 4: Learning About Careers
Chapter 5: Types of Careers
Chapter 6: A Business of Your Own

Part Three: Making Plans for Career Success
Chapter 7: Learning About Yourself
Chapter 8: Making Decisions
Chapter 9: Options for Education and Training
Chapter 10: Making a Career Plan

Part Four: Acquiring Workplace Skills
Chapter 11: Job Search Skills
Chapter 12: Interviewing Skills
Chapter 13: Good Employee Skills
Chapter 14: Being a Team Player
Chapter 15: Keeping Safety First
Chapter 16: Handling Changes in Job Status

Part Five: Developing Personal Skills for Job Success
Chapter 17: Basic Skills for Job Success
Chapter 18: Time Management and Study Skills
Chapter 19: Communication Skills
Chapter 20: Your Appearance
Chapter 21: Good Health and Job Success
Chapter 22: Developing Leadership Skills

Part Six: Managing Your Money
Chapter 23: Paychecks and Taxes
Chapter 24: Budgets
Chapter 25: Checking Accounts
Chapter 26: Savings
Chapter 27: Credit
Chapter 28: Insurance

Part Seven: Growing Toward Independence
Chapter 29: A Place to Live
Chapter 30: Transportation
Chapter 31: Being a Responsible Citizen
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