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Use the table of contents to access chapter-related exercises and chapter reviews. Supplemental material, template development resources, and drawing files are also available below. Reference materials are also available on the resources tab.

Drawing files available for downloading are provided in AutoCAD drawing (DWG) format. The AutoCAD software is required to open the drawing files. The AutoCAD software is not included and must be obtained separately.

1: Introduction to AutoCAD
2: Drawings and Templates
3: Introduction to Drawing and Editing
4: Basic Object Commands
5: Line Standards and Layers
6: View Tools and Basic Plotting
7: Object Snap and AutoTrack
8: Construction Tools and Multiview Drawings
9: Text Styles and Multiline Text
10: Single-Line Text and Additional Text Tools
11: Modifying Objects
12: Arranging and Patterning Objects
13: Grips, Properties, and Additional Selection Techniques
14: Polyline and Spline Editing Tools
15: Obtaining Drawing Information
16: Dimension Standards and Styles
17: Linear and Angular Dimensioning
18: Dimensioning Features and Alternate Practices
19: Dimensioning with Tolerances
20: Editing Dimensions
21: Tables
22: Parametric Drafting
23: Section Views and Graphic Patterns
24: Standard Blocks
25: Block Attributes
26: Introduction to Dynamic Blocks
27: Additional Dynamic Block Tools
28: Layout Setup
29: Plotting Layouts
30: Annotative Objects
31: External References
32: Introduction to Sheet Sets
33: Additional Sheet Set Tools

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